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  • Infinity Programing has made a new game that needs BETA testing. BETA testers play the game and make sure that everything is in working order and what to add. Test out Collector 2.0 today!

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How it all Started

I started Khan Academy in 2012. Khan Academy had recently added a Computer Science section. After a while I watched all the videos they had on programming JavaScript (there were only like 10) but stopped after that. Around November 2014 I checked back and found that the Computer Science had expanded hugely and now offered HTML, CSS, and advanced courses in JS. I quickly sped through the Intro to JS and Advance JS: Games and Visulizations and made my first game around January 2015 (Collector 2.0). Since then I have made over 2 games and dozens of pictures here on KA.

My Promise

I promise to strive for excellence in all my programs. If you are not happy with any of my programs, feel free to give constructive feedback on ways to improve my programs. I am always open to improvement.

About Me

I'm a self-taught programmer using Khan Academy to excel in learning. My main focus On Khan Academy is programming. I also enjoy helping others with their programs.

About this Webpage

I wont a place for people to have fun and meet and talk about my programs and theirs


Current Projects

  • Collector 2.0
  • Description:

    Already release: Collector 2.0. Collect gems and survive the longest and get more points than others.

BETA testing

Intrested in BETA testing City Simulator? Here are some things to know:

  1. I need ideas.

As a BETA tester you will navigate the entire program and make sure all buttons, settings, links and more work like intended. You will also make sure that the help page is easy to understand, game play works and looks good, and that the maps are just had enough to be difficult but still be fun to play and addictingeasy to use.

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What's New

Past Projects

This is a small collection of some my best programs. View more Here





Contact Me

I'm available weekdays. I live in the Central Time Zone and will be able to answer/chat with you during the day.

Intrested in Working With Me?

Have a project would like to make with me? I be thrilled to do it with you. I will be able to work with you depending upon my schedule/school/current projects that I'm doing.

New Username!

NOTICE: I have changed my username from InfinityProgrammer to Infinity Programer. I will still call my studio Infinity Programs.